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Helping Reduce Medications

In many people’s recovery, the time comes when they want to try reducing, or entirely getting off, psychiatric medications. Unfortunately, people too often find they must take this step without any assistance, even though competent assistance from a therapist who understands the issues might reduce the risk that something will go wrong.

I wrote the following guide to help therapists who may be interested in helping clients reduce or get off medications (and to do so without in any way crossing professional boundaries or appear to be “practicing medicine.”) Or, you might want to give a copy of this guide to your therapist, if you are wanting to work toward some reductions but your therapist is unsure of how to assist you in this!

This guide is written in two parts, click on the link to go to the part you want.

The first part provides background on “Why We Need to Change the Role of Therapists in Regards to Psychiatric Medications

The second part is the “Step by Step Guide for Therapists in Helping Reduce Reliance on Medications

Note:  More recently the “Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry” wrote their own “Guidance for Psychological Therapists:  Enabling conversations with clients taking or withdrawing from prescribed psychiatric drugs.”  I haven’t looked through it all, but it seems to have much to offer.