Online Seminars

I currently offer three online courses. 

The first is “CBT for Psychosis, An Individualized, Recovery-Oriented Approach.” It comes with 6 CE credits for most professionals in the US, and you can go back and access any part of the course whenever you want.   Use the link to get more information and/or to register.

First trauma and psychosis image, hands over faceA second online course is “Working with Trauma, Dissociation, and Psychosis:  CBT and Other Approaches to Understanding and Recovery.”   This one comes with 6 CE credits.


The third course is “Spiritual Issues Within Treatment for Psychosis and Bipolar: Explore Spiritual and Existential Meaning That Can Be Found in “Madness,” and Pathways to Healing”  This course also comes with 6 CE credits.  More info & preview videos available at the links.


There are additional online courses which approach psychosis in a hopeful way, produced by others, available at this link.