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About Ron Unger

I am a licensed clinical social worker and therapist who works with people diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, using a respectful and skill building approach called cognitive therapy for psychosis (also called CBT for psychosis).

You can find out a little more about cognitive therapy for psychosis, and about my practice in Eugene Oregon, at this page.

I also talk and teach seminars on cognitive therapy for psychosis, including a special focus on trauma and psychosis, and on spiritual and ethical issues related to mental health treatment,  See the upcoming seminars page for what’s scheduled at this time.  And I am definitely interested in more teaching opportunities if you know of any:  check out this list of seminars I can present, and if you need a list of my teaching experience you can find it here.

My own story, which includes the details of how I got interested in this field (including some “psychotic” experiences of my own) is told  on this page, with a few more details in this interview.

Contact information for me:

1257 High St., Suite 7, Eugene OR 97401
4ronunger at 
You can  look here for more information about my therapy practice in Eugene Oregon.
I don’t practice therapy to people who live at a distance over the phone or Skype, but I do offer “distance” consultations to mental health workers, with the same low rates for individuals or for groups, using the phone or using internet with Adobe Connect.  Contact me for more information about that.