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Why Trying To Suppress Voices Often Backfires, and What To Do Instead

When people are distressed by voices and the impact that hearing voices has on them, it isn’t surprising that their goal often becomes getting rid of the voice and suppressing whatever message might be associated by the voice.  The mental health system often takes the same perspective, seeing the voice as itself representing a mental disturbance or disorder, and defining health as no longer having the experience.

But what if attempts to suppress experience in this way are actually likely to increase disturbance or disorder?

I created an 11 minute video which explores how and why problems emerge when people try to suppress experiences such as hearing voices, and which identifies strategies that are much more likely to be helpful.  The video is called “Reasons to be wary of attempts to suppress “hallucinatory” experiences” and up until 3/16/16, it’s available as a free preview within the online course CBT for Psychosis.

Just go to this link, and you will find the link to preview this video, as well as some other free previews.

The online course itself is also available for a 67% discount, only $29, up until 3/16/16.

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