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Daniel Mackler’s Films are Now Free on YouTube

My friend Daniel Mackler has made films recognized around the world, covering a variety of psychological and social approaches to psychosis.  They are available in a number of languages, and now, thanks to his generosity, they can all be watched for free on YouTube!

They are as follows:

Take These Broken Wings centers on the lives of two women who both recovered from severe schizophrenia.  The film traces the roots of their schizophrenia to childhood trauma and details their successful psychotherapy with gifted clinicians.

Open Dialogue documents the  methodology of the world’s most successful approach to helping people with psychosis, and interviews many  of the clinicians involved.

Healing Homes chronicles the work of the Family Care Foundation in Gothenburg, Sweden  This organization, backed by over twenty years of experience, places people who have been failed by traditional psychiatry in host families — predominately farm families in the Swedish countryside — as a start for a whole new life journey, with intensive therapy, help for the families, and help for the person in getting off medication as part of the process.

Coming Off Psych Drugs offers a rare glimpse into the world of coming off psych drugs through the eyes of those who have done it.

Daniel explains his rationale for giving away these great films at

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