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Listening to the Voices of Voice Hearers: World Hearing Voices Congress

It looks like a great event:  The Hearing Voices Network 25 Years On: Learning from the PAST, Practicing in the PRESENT, Visioning the FUTURE.  Cardiff, Wales 19-21 September 2012.  Click here to look at the complete brochure .

From the brochure:

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Hearing Voices Movement. Over the last 25 years the network has helped countless voice hearers gain ascendency over the negative impact of the voice hearing experience. Alongside this, the network has acted as the vehicle for change in professional practice. On the 19th 20th and 21st of September 2012 the Hearing Voices World Congress and the annual Intervoice meeting will be held in the All Nations Conference Center, Cardiff, Wales.

The Intervoice meeting will be on 19th September, an Open Space event with speakers, followed by our World Congress on the 20th and 21st September.
Contributors over the three days include: Hywel Davies (Wales), Marius Romme, Sandra Escher (Belgium), Joe Calleja (Australia), Lucy Johnstone (Wales), Dirk Corstens (Netherlands), Robin Murray (UK), Rufus May (England), Kellie Comans (Australia), Michaela Amering (Austria), Alan
Leader (England), Paul Baker (Spain/UK), Peter Bullimore (England), Jacqui Dillon (England), Ron Coleman (Scotland), Rachel Waddingham (England), Eleanor Longden (England), Oryx Cohen (USA), Will Hall (USA), Prof Manuel Gonzales de Chavez (Spain),Willa Casstevens (USA), Pino Pini (Italy),
Marcello Macario (Italy), Indigo Daya (Australia)

OK, I know you can’t all make it to Wales.  If you can’t, I encourage you to look into the work of many of the great people listed above, much of which you can find out about on the internet.   For example, you can listen to Will Hall interviewing Eleanor Longden – see Madness Radio: Meaning From Voices Eleanor Longden

First Aired 6-1-2012
Hearing voices is strongly connected with traumatic experiences, but are voices a brain malfunction or a creative strategy for protection? UK psychologist Eleanor Longden survived a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and went on to be a leading researcher around voice hearing, trauma, and dissociation. She is a pioneer in the movement to understand voices as a normal human experience — and truly help people by healing trauma.

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