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New film on Open Dialogue

Daniel Mackler just released his newest film, “Open Dialogue” — on the Finnish Open Dialogue Project

A trailer for the film is on YouTube,

Also, there’s more info about the film (and a place to buy it, if you’re interested), at

And a guide to finding various articles and interviews about Open Dialogue on the web is available here.

A couple other things: 

Daniel Mackler, the filmmaker for the Open Dialogue documentary, also has a new film out called “Healing Homes” about another alternative for people with psychosis and other serious mental health issues.  See

Finally – and this barely relates to all of the above, but I met Ed Knight at a 3 day seminar in Open Dialogue so it kind of fits – Ed has a website with some interesting thoughts about psychotic experience, as well as bipolar, you can start here.

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  • i appreciate your website lots Ron. in a comment you left i have a back link to your site. i am also going to put it in my interesting sites.
    There seems a growing number of us who are getting beyond meds. I was at the International Congress on Schizophrenia Research. Fred Frese who i often disagree with but am friends introduced me to his friend Martin Harrow who Bob Whitaker cites in his book. Harrow is a great guy. Only researcher with so long an open prospective “cohort” of us labeled with schizophrenia. So he speaks with a whole lot of authority in that gruop as a result. He of course is famous now for his finding that more people with our label recovery getting off meds than staying on.Take care. Ed