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In Depth Training in CBT for psychosis available in the US

While I have done some introductory seminars in CBT for psychosis, there is now on the East Coast a new factility that goes well beyond that:

“The Institute of Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis (ICTP) is proud to announce its presence on the web! You may visit our official page at: Information on the ICTP as well as training offerings and updates will be listed on the site.

“Additionally, the ICTP invites you to attend a CBT for psychosis (CBTp) training in Manhattan, which consists of 4 consecutive days of didactic training from April 27th to April 30th at the Kimmel Center, part of the New York University campus. This is also supplemented with 30 hours of weekly phone supervision. The trainers are Michael Garrett (SUNY Downstate), Page Burkholder (Kings County Hospital), David Kimhy (Columbia) and Yulia Landa (Cornell). The training is offered in collaboration with the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses (ISPS). You may find more information about this training here (”

The training comes with 30 hours of consultation over the phone, so it’s meant to be a package that really gets people going as therapists using this practice.  It is pretty expensive though, $3500, with a bit of a discount if peeople join ISPS (which is a good idea anyway for anyone interested in networking with others who provide psychosocial help for people with the difficulties that get called psychosis.

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